Given the chance, I’d kill them all.

Posted in Uncategorized on June 9, 2011 by Ryan Chan

On monday, I had to wake up very early like around 4.45am as we had a course outing, and the reporting time was 7.30am, reason being that I live in the peaceful East. Haha, but that isn’t the point. When I was getting ready I found out that my dog had pee’d in the living room, creating a small puddle in a corner. To me that is normal as he’s done it quite a number of times, although he’s-toilet trained. Knowing him to be a little(Yess he’s a miniature poodle) mischievous rascal who loves a lot of attention, will be up to this kinda things.

So i just asked the maid to clean that spot up as she was always mopping the floor every morning, plus I told her not to tell my mum ,since it wasn’t such a big deal, so I left the house. When I was reaching school, I got a call from my brother telling me that my mum was punishing the dog(I WAS LIKE WTF?! that snitching maid!!). This incident got me really worked up as I’m really protective of my dog, as in seriously. When we’re younger, when my dog was in trouble with my mum (frequently), my mum would pick up anything she could get hold of and hunt for my dog to beat him, that puppy would always run to either me and my brother for refuge, and we would either just shield him or hide him from our mum. I think he’d return his gratitude by also being protective over us, even though he tends to bite the wrong person, when me and my brother start fighting(LOL, but thats why I love him). The thing is when my mum punishes my dog, its not the standard spanking of his rump and firmly saying’ NO’, she beats him all over, even the face. When I called back to ask around, Shit turns out that my SIS was actually the one that told our mum about it. ( I was like, “THAT BITCH!” and my mind literally exploded in anger.) I asked my brother why he didn’t intervene, and he was like,” oh i heard it…..but when back to sleep”. Immediately my sister’s face was labelled as ‘home’ and my clenched hard right fist was feeling ‘homesick’. I swear if I was still at home I’d bashed her with a lamp shade or somethin…

The thought of feeling so helpless really sinked in when i reached school, should’ve take a cab straight back home to stop ’em. But as if the cab will reach in a second….so the morning at school was spent quarreling on the phone with those back home for like 20mins straight. Totally ruined the start of my monday…. With that said, this reminds me of animal abusers , especially those that are responsible for the attaining of animal fur. Not gonna start naming countries but maybe thats why I dislike being asian sometimes, cos dude…”we eat anything that moves”. Wish if I had the chance, I’d find all those inhumane individuals and skin them alive, “HOW’S THAT FEEL NOW HUH??!!”, then sprinkle salt and watch it sizzle on their raw flesh.( finishing touches eh?)

Recently some troll-face, was enlightening me on all the small things/retarded/fantasy-based crap/no-link, that related to me and that they matter. I know I just took him for a retard for what he said. Went home, pondered over some stuff, asked myself why I’m feeling this and that way about certain things. Know I don’t really used to give a damn about things/people’s feelings, but hey, maybe after all those times,  I’ve actually found people/things who matter to me more than others, and certainly would give an effort to show it. AM I EVEN MAKING SENSE?? enough said.


Voice Inside

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There’s been alot of shit going on lately. I don’t know how to explain it all but I think its kinda killin’ me. Maybe its the new environment or the growing amount of tasks, at times I find myself having feelings for someone or expressing my emotions too quickly ;Seems as if I was caught unprepared. Recently I start to lose patience easily and dive into things, saving corrections for later, an example was during 2D Art class where I just instinctively kept skipping steps while working on a piece, resulted in a lot of reminders from the lecturer, but it was fun.

For me, I naturally like to think a lot about everything  around me,whether big or small,I guess it helps me stay alert but never fails to conjure stress. When this happens I tentatively keep everything inside, turning it into “hate”. Yes, I know its bad for me internally, but I still welcome it in somehow, harbouring it, and then releasing it all on some un-expecting soul who tries to irritate me. I just cant stop pondering over all the little things currently around me, maybe I’m suffering from psychosis, HAHA.

Alright, besides all the angst within, there are still things that make me smile and laugh. I chanced upon a little kitten outside the FMS level 1 toilet, when I saw it I was grinning because apparently it seemed to be abandoned by the parents and was all alone, meowing away. (MUAHHAHA! perfect…) NO I didn’t hurt it whatsoever, instead I found myself trying to distance myself away from it, as I walked passed. It, on the other hand was much afraid as I was, curling into a ball trying to hide in that open walkway.

So although there’s so much crap going on. There’ll always be something that makes me smile still.


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These few years tattoos have become really common in the public eye, walk down orchard road and there’ll be someone bearing them. I myself have always crave of getting one, its been one of my goals after ‘O’ levels. I guess to people, tattoos are a form of showcasing their type of character or expressing who they really are. Many people have their reasons for ‘inking’ themselves, some to standout, some to intimidate others, some for symbolic meaning,etc. Before getting a tattoo, I totally agree that there must be thorough consideration or you’ll end up regretting later on in life. I’ve seen and talk to many of my friends who had tattoos with or without their parents knowledge, and they regret alot. Generally my parents discourage me from getting one, fearing that I’ll get addicted and start doing more ,and also end up being jobless in the future. Majority of today’s society still seem to frown upon tattoos even though its rising popularity, maybe thats because they have the perception that tattooed individuals are always related to vice, WHICH IS NOT TRUE!

Anyway the catch of having a tattoo, is that you’ve to go under the needle which rapidly injects globs of ink.Plus if the tattoo artist isn’t sanitary, you might end up getting infection from his/her unclean equipment. To make things worse, if you decide on removing a tattoo which means by surgery, it’ll also increase the chances of infection. Not to mention, removal costs are expensive! EG. Imagine someone having to pay hundreds or maybe in the thousands to get a little pokemon tattoo removed from their butt-cheek..What A Loser!

So anyways during consideration if you have any doubt in your mind(Which I Have), you shouldn’t get it. So I’m leaving that goal untouched till I’m older with a clearer view of things. For now, maybe I’ll just try ear-piercings!

Drum up an espresso

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The past few weeks have really a handful for me. I experienced lots of fun with all the awesome people around me, but find myself getting so moody over school assignments and other little things, maybe thats because I’m a fan of procrastination. Then just today I think I realized the problem, all this started ever since I stopped drumming when school started. Yes, when school started the timetable clashed with my drumming lessons so I had to stop. It hit me that drumming was one of my preferred ways of releasing stress or in other words: Letting go of that “energy”. So I guess that void in my lifestyle is having its effect on me. Occasionally I find myself yearning to beat someone’s head in with a drumstick..HAHA I’m joking, just too carried away.

Still, I’ll find ways to let off steam such as going for a late night run, walking my dog or STARBUCKS! Heard Starbucks is having a half-price promotion for frappuccinos from now till 2oth May! Not gonna let this opportunity pass, “Frappe from the Gods!”. [ Coffee Bean can wait!]

Funny how this post ‘unintentionally’ transited into a commercial. Went to see the movie ‘Coraline’ today, was creepy as hell. Alright gotta do 50 word stories!

How do you like your meat done?

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Alright! Im blogging! I know I’m not afraid of bugs and creepy-crawlies except worms. I remember putting spiders and beetles on my arm during a secondary school camp which resulted in me clearing one chalet, with all the guys screaming. I don’t know whats so terrifying about these small creatures, but when it comes to worms, that’s a different story, they just make my skin crawl. As in I’ve held an earthworm during an overseas trip but was because I was forced to. So what I wanna talk about now is something I chanced upon while ‘youtubing’. This is some scary shit, its off the hook man! Had me paranoid for a few hours.( I still am currently.)

Apparently some dude went camping with his friends and suddenly had a seizure. At the hospital, after multiple scans the doctors found that his brain was harbouring a pork tapeworm, and it was feeding off his brain. Why is it called a PORK tapeworm? Well the larvae forms cysts in the muscle tissue of pigs as seen below:

Unfortunately he happened to ate these undercook meat containing the cysts allowing the larvae to develop and hatch in his stomach, the tapeworm then travelled its way to his brain and started eating inwards.The thought of these things is far worst then your pinkish earthworms. I’m not trying to scare everyone, but just saying..maybe sometimes having your meat overcook helps. After reading this, I found myself checking the meat that Im eating for little lumps (paranoid) HAHA. Anyways if you wanna know what a pork-tapeworm looks like, go google it yourself, I think imagining it is good enough.


First Post

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Hey guys, for this first post I’m gonna talk about how i find poly life so far. Overall, I think i did enjoy my first week of classes, met many nice people from this class and the other. Can say that I’m not used to long lectures and bringing a laptop to school everyday. The food at ‘Makan Place’ is great, especially the subway cookies! Pretty cool that a new canteen just opened up, with ‘old chang kee’ included, FOOD!!!

Alright off topic, I think its time I get my own room! Currently I share a room with my brother and our dog. Maybe if i can somehow throw my brother out( he can occupy the maid’s room) and have it all for myself, I’ll soundproof the walls and get a yamaha rock tour custom drum kit. Genius !

Next thing I want to say is that after a decade of painstaking efforts, the US were finally able to put a bullet in Bin Laden’s head, recalled myself smiling as I read the reports. As in seriously after how long!

Finally, I just went for the NP Baracuda interview/auditions at 8pm on Wednesday, till like 10.30pm. Felt very nervous at first as we had to wait for our turn to be interviewed by a panel of judges, but I somehow managed to make them laugh alot, so miraculously it wasn’t that bad as I imagined it would be. Still, its an interview/auditions so we’ll only know if we get chosen when they contact us for confirmation.